REstore with exercise and self massage - 6 week postnatal class for moms and babies

This unique Postnatal Class is a series of 6 weekly 1,5 hour classes. 

Become stronger.

Learn how to move well and feel better in your body.

Share stories.

Get to know your body and the habits that shape it.

Enjoy self massage with yoga tune up balls. 

Connect with other mothers.

Bond with your baby during a 30min infant massage session.

With the right stretching, releasing and strengthening exercises and lifestyle changes (how you stand, how and how much you sit, choice in footwear, etc.) you can avoid common postnatal aches and pains, recover from birth and even become stronger than you were before. 

All classes are led by me (Susanne). The infant massage session is led by Julia Monorchio who is a Registered Massage Therapist working out of the Birth and Wellness Centre. 

Class is limited to 8 moms and their babies. 

There is always a table with tea/coffee and snacks out which you can enjoy as you settle in, if you have to breastfeed baby during class and / or at the end of class. 

This is what we'll do:

Class 1 - Lower Body 101

You'll get introduced to lower body alignment, e.g. how to stand and sit, what impact shoes have on our spine, etc.

You'll gain awareness of how you perform daily tasks of living and how you can improve the mechanics of movements like lifting, bending over, squatting down, carrying baby and breast / bottle feeding.

large_mom_squatting_to_lift_up_baby.jpgYou'll learn first exercises to stretch and strengthen the legs, hips and butt.

Class 2 - Exercises for a healthy pelvic floor

We'll go through a flow of stretching, strengthening, releasing and breathing exercises to support the muscles surrounding the pelvis. There will be a safe space to share our pelvic floor stories and to get questions answered about our pelvic floor health. 

Class 3 - Upper Body 101

You'll get introduced to upper body alignment and how to carry your baby with a stabilized spine and shoulder girdle to develop stronger arms and to reliefe / avoid upper back and neck tension /pain from caring for your baby all day and night. 

The class will help you develop mindfulness of how you move when you perform daily tasks of living and how you can improve the mechanics of movements like reaching overhead or behind you, driving, computering, pushing the stroller, etc.)

We'll have some fun with Yoga Tune Up balls (self massage balls) to release upper back and neck tension. 

Class 4 - Core

You'll learn about the basic anatomy of your core muscles and how they are supposed to work. You'll get a chance to explore your abdominal muscles doing a variety of movements to become aware of them and notice if they contract and release when they are supposed to. 

You'll learn releasing and strengthening core exercises. 

There'll be a safe space to share your belly stories and you can get your belly questions answered. 

Class 5 - Upper Body and Core Exercises and Infant Massage

We'll go through a flow of stretching, strengthening and releasing exercises to support the muscles in our abdomen, chest, shoulders, back and arms. 

Julia (the RMT) will guide you through a 45 minute infant massage session (I love this! Watching the babies relax is glorious.)

Class 6 - Exercises for the whole body, Review and Ending

I always keep the last class a bit open. By then I'll have got to know each person in the group and know what the needs are. Maybe we didn't have enough time to cover some things in the earlier weeks (mom and baby classes are like that :)) and we'll have time to go over it during this class. 

We will defenitely go back to some old, "staple" exercises and have fun with some new ones.




Here you see a baby who was so relaxed after being massaged that he fell asleep :)





Unfortunately, due to scheduling reasons, 'm not able to run this class for the time being. 

Where? Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, 2260 Walkley Road (corner of St Laurent)

Investment $169 (includes half foam roller for calf stretching, weekly email follow up, handouts, tea / coffee and snacks)


Your baby can be changed and fed at any time during the class.

Your baby is on a blanket or in your arms (not in baby carriers).

You can take this class as soon after birth as you like. It is a restorative class that doesn't feature high impact exercises. However, I do recommend that you wait until 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth or 6 weeks after a c-section and that you get clearance from your health care provider to take an exercise class. It's not only about what you do in class but you have to get the baby ready and most likely carry diaper bag and car seat and this can be taxing on your postpartum body. Honour your body. You know best what's best! It might be getting out to take this class or it might be to rest at home a little longer.

If you are not taking the class right after birth, know that this class is most suitable for babies who are not yet very actively crawling and not yet interested in exploring other people's space at length. This has more to do with ensuring an appropriate learning environment for you and the others than anything else. You could have an older baby that is mellow and hangs out happily in which case it would work out. You know your baby best and you decide. 

What past particpants have said: 

"I learned a lot about posture and how everyday movements can affect pain and tension. It was a pleasure meeting you as well as all the moms in the class. The massage part of the class was great!"

"After the first class, I wasn't sure if I liked the casual style of the class, but after the second, it was clear that that was one of the main draws for me. It was a perfect blend of social time and stretching/exercise time. The pace created a welcoming environment for a first mom and baby activity after welcoming a new baby. Unlike some other classes I have joined, not once did I consider staying home. And I learned so many things that I had not been aware of before."

"I enjoyed the class, sorry that it's over. Thanks, Susanne."

"Really liked the format of the class and the detailed handouts and also appreciated the yummy food and eating tips."

"This was a very unique, memorable and useful class. I always felt very comfortable in and great after class and am glad I came. Thank you."

"Wonderful class. I loved the focus on how to move during everyday activities rather than only giving specific exercises to do seperately." 

"I really enjoyed the baby massage."

"I liked that Susanne had experience dealing with the same issues that we were all facing as moms with young babies and children."

"I liked the amount of time for each class. I really liked the material taught and how the instructor addressed our questions. I liked the hands-on nature of the class in that the instructor gave us hands-on feedback. The snacks were useful too!"

"I appreciated that we had an hour and a half, which gave us the time to chat and learn exercises without being rushed. I liked the laid-back teaching style and the idea that we can fit the exercises in at home, between things. I really appreciated the coffee and snacks, which were an extra motivator to get to class. I feel like I have a better idea how to move my body safely and effectively."

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