Whole Body Walking Workshop
Whole Body Walking Workshop
4 week postnatal class for moms and babies
REstore with exercise and massage - 4 week postnatal class for moms and babies
Painfree Pregnancy - Prenatal Alignment Class
Painfree Pregnancy - Prenatal Alignment Class


  1. The condition of being physically fit and healthy.
  2. The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.

Fit to run a marathon? Fit to do 10 push-ups? Fit to endure a tough workout and be in pain afterwards? Fit to go to the gym once a week? How about fit to lift and carry your toddler without having a tender back at the end of the day? Fit to have a pelvic floor that holds everything in when you run? Fit to have a core that functions? Fit to monkey around with your kids on the playground? Fit to enjoy a strenuous hike? Fit to become older and still move well and without pain? Fit to be truly healthy? [ read more ]

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How to turn the "I want to feel better" goals into measurable success!
Having goals is a great motivator to take action! But are your goals specific enough for you to actually take action? Do you have an action plan that will help you achieve that goal? Before I work with a new client, I ask what her or his goal is and common answers are "I want to build muscle tone", "I want my back pain gone" or "I want a flatter belly". These goals need some unpacking and fine tuning to turn them into meaningful actions.
Be physically fit by making your life less convenient and more
Be physically fit by making your life less convenient and more
If you beat yourself up because you haven't gone to the gym or taken that yoga class, relax! You can be fit without ever seeing the inside of a gym ever again. Your idea of working out might be a bit like what taking a dietary supplement is for some people.
Natural Upper Body Strength for You and your Children PART 1
Natural Upper Body Strength for You and your Children PART 1
I made it my goal this summer to climb up the rope on our tree just the way I did before I got pregnant with our 3rd child in the summer of 2013 (the baby turns 1 next week). It was an easy feat at the time. Last fall, being a couple of months postpartum, I was unable to pull myself up even a little bit. And that after I had promised my son that once the baby is a bit older, I would have more time for him and I would even be able to climb the rope again. He was disappointed in me.
Tips for Strong and Happy Feet
Tips for Strong and Happy Feet
It's May and finally Spring / Summer here in Ottawa. My heart is jubilant. My children, too. My feet - not so much. My feet have felt delicious all winter from wearing very flexible, zero heel, wide toe boxed boots (this one to be precise) and because Ottawa has been snowed in for the last 43, oops, 5 months, my feet have had the privilege to experience uneven, naturally slopy terrain on my daily walks. I say privilege because each foot has 33 joints with numerous muscles and nerve tissue attached to them and these structures need to be moved to stay healthy. Our feet are the foundation of our body and I like a good foundation. I bet you too.
The baby that broke the mom's back OR how to get stronger while holding baby
We hear it all the time: "My shoulder is all messed up now from carrying my 8month old around all week." or "My back is sore from holding her all the time." The shoulders and back might have been fine the week before and suddenly, boom, there is the pain. And the pain didn't come that day because you carried your baby more than ever before. The pain came because you've been carrying your baby (and your own body) in a tissue damaging way from the start. And that one day, your body thought ENOUGH!
Pelvic Shape, Life Style and Childbirth
Pelvic Shape, Life Style and Childbirth
Ottawa has a C-section rate of about 30%. That bothers me. I'm actually surprised to see on the website of the Ottawa Hospital (Civic and General Campus) that their C-section rate is approx. 35-40 % with half of those being planned C-sections. Of course that accounts for some C-sections that are medically necessary to safe the mother's or baby's life. But the World Health Organziation recommends a C-section rate of 10-15% and I'd say there is quite a big difference between 15% (recommended) and 30-40% (the reality in most parts of North America).
Strollercize and Why Walking Properly Matters
Strollercize and Why Walking Properly Matters
I started leading the Boomerang Kids Strollercize group in Westboro, Ottawa on Thursday mornings. It's an hour long walk / run with some added exercises and stretches for moms with their babies. Most bring their strollers (its called strollercize after all) and some bring their babes in carriers. I'm walking my currently 31 week big pregnant belly.
My darn pregnant pelvic floor
My darn pregnant pelvic floor
You want to know something really personal about me? I carry a lot of tension in my pelvic floor muscles.
Belly Confusions - FAQ
Belly Confusions - FAQ
Recently on facebook, a long question came up from somebody with diastasis recti. It's the kind of questions I hear and answer a lot. I wrote out a pretty lengthy answer and I think it should be up here too (I edited and organized it a little bit).
Farewell, Hyperkyphosis, farewell!
Farewell, Hyperkyphosis, farewell!
Hyperkyphosis is an excessive curve in the thoracic spine. The hunchback. Often the term kyphosis is used to describe that excessive curve but really kyphosis is term for the natural shape of our thoracic spine.
Can You Do This With Your Hands?
Last night after dinner we challengend each other to do different things with our fingers and it turns out that I have the worst mobility in my hands compared with the rest of the family.
hand stretch
Pregnant and achy wrists - what to do?
Many pregnant women get achy wrists especially when loading them in the hands and knee position. It is pretty common and it came up as a complaint last evening in our Prenatal Alignment Class.
How to get your kid(s) to walk
How to get your kid to walk
Ok, so you are pretty pumped about taking your kids on regular walks. But you just know its going to be a wicked test to your patience! Because the kids constantly stop or, worse, they flat out collapse on the street and refuse to walk any longer because a) its too hot b) its too cold c) its too boring d)it takes too long e)they are hungry or thirsty f)they want to ride their bicylce instead g)they want to wear other shoes, pants, shirt, ect. h)life and their parents suck.
Alignment Travels
Sitting on my butt is an instant calf and hamstring shortener. Because normally, I'm not sitting much as a matter of life style, my butt starts hurting after a while of sitting and I can literally feel my short calves and hamstrings. The thought that I need to sit (and sleep) on that plane to Europe is 'killing me'.
Walking now and then
I was born in 1981 and grew up in an East German village. I spent my childhood roaming the streets of the village with my friends. The streets were largely unpaved back then and the properties of houses didn’t have fences – we just walked from one place to the next covering quite some distances throughout the day.
Diastasis Recti and Ab Work
Here is a question I got from a pregnant client of mine. Its a question I get all the time. 'I am pretty sure I am starting to have abdominal separation (I notice a buldge above my navel when I do ab work). I was wondering if it was still safe to continue ab work with this condition (i.e., crunches, planks, leg raises, etc).'
What Shoes Kids Need
Shoes protect the feet from the environment but have the sorry side effect of putting somewhat of a cast around the foot. When it comes to shoes, we think the more stablity a shoe offers, the better for the foot. But we forget that we were given a ton of muscles and joints inside the foot and that its the job of skeletal muscle to move and stabilize joints.
Mindful Standing
Last weekend I came back from certification week at the Restorative Exercise Institute. One day after I got home, my little 15 year old sister came to visit from Germany. As she came out of customs at the airport, I first saw her lovely happy face and then I saw her high heeled boots!!!!!! I managed to keep my mouth shut until the next day but then I couldn't restrain myself and she got the high heel talk!
About Kangaroos and Fitness and 2013
You could be ‚fit‘ in terms of being able to get through a tough workout. You could even be ‚fit‘ in terms of looking the part. But do all your body parts move effortlessly and are all your body parts healthy?
Core Alignment
If your abdominal muscles are split in the middle (diastasis recti) or you’re *just* wider in the waist than in the hips, it’s worth having a look at how you carry your pelvis and rib cage through space. Because alignment of those body parts has a dramatic effect on how the abdominal muscles can do their work.
Tight Calves and the Pelvic Floor
The CALF STRETCH? For my PELVIC FLOOR? Yep. It all begins with tight calf muscles.
pelvic alignment and abdominal muscles
The Belly Blues And What To Do About It
For many women the belly is a problem zone laden with negative emotions. Maybe you feel totally disconnected from this area of your body. Maybe the look of your belly in the mirror triggers a sense of hopelessness and depression.

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